Breakthrough in Complete Diet Feeding

A new treatment for total mixed rations now gives livestock producers the technology to improve nutrient retention in complete diets, maintain palatability, intake and performance from feed and streamline their feeding routines. EcoTMR, a special formulation of food and feed-approved preservatives from Ecosyl Products Inc., works against both molds and yeasts to delay heating and spoilage in mixed rations, significantly slowing the rate of nutrient breakdown.

Dr. Terry Owen, Ecosyl’s international research and technology director, says, "The mixing action of a TMR wagon aerates the diet, encouraging the growth of microorganisms that cause aerobic spoilage (heating and molding). This will reduce intake and animal performance.

"By delaying heating and spoilage, EcoTMR treatment results in better retention of nutrients and allows diets to be mixed less frequently. This will allow some savings in machinery and labor costs and give more flexibility to feeding routines, particularly at weekends," he adds.

EcoTMR is supplied as granules in 37.5 lb bags, enough to treat 60 tons of mixed feed.