Cydectin Pour-On Environmentally Friendly

Recently released results of a three-year study show moxidectin, the active ingredient in Cydectin Pour-On, to be the safest endectocide toward dung beetles. Dung beetles can help increase cattle productivity through increased forage availability and decrease internal/external parasite populations. The beetles improve aeration of soil by tunneling, speed the degradation of manure, improve nitrogen recycling of manure into soil, and reduce environments for flies and other parasites.

In three independent experiments, suppression of dung insects was observed for cattle following application of doramectin, eprinomectin and ivermectin, but no adverse effect was observed for moxidectin. Results of the study indicate that use of moxidectin is least likely to affect the natural assemblage of insects associated with cattle dung.

Cydectin Pour-On is available from Fort Dodge Animal Health. For more information catt 1-888-Deworm1.