Turret Gate Makes Debut

Making its debut at the Cattle Industry Convention Trade Show was the Turret Gate, manufactured by Moly Manufacturing. The Kansas-based company fabricates a line of cattle working equipment, including the "Silencer" hydraulic squeeze chute. Moly’s newest product, the hydraulically driven Turret Gate, can be operated via wireless transmitter. Company president Jon Mollhagen says the gate’s benefits include reduced stress and increased safety for animals and handlers.

With application of the Turret Gate, their is no need for humans to be in a circular crowding tub. From a remote location, or even from horseback, the gate can be operated to crowd cattle through the tub. The gate does not have to swing back to allow more cattle to enter the tub. Instead, it’s design allows the Turret Gate to roll through its pivoting "turret" frame to its open, starting position. Cattle flow naturally into the tub and the gate swings again to crowd them forward.

The Turret Gate’s length is variable, from 6 to 12 feet. Its standard height is five feet, while the turret frame height is 8 1/2 feet. Polyethylene panels secured to the steel frame afford a solid barrier and quiet operation.

Also on display was Moly’s Hydra-Flow, which can be installed at the entry to a squeeze chute to encourage balky cattle to move forward. It is one more component of what Mollhagen calls a low-stress livestock handling system.

"With the Silencer, Turret Gate and Hydraflow, we’re moving forward with our development of a fully automated system that emphasizes quiet, low-stress handling of livestock that is safe for animals and humans alike," states Mollhagen.

For details, contact Moly Manufacturing, Inc., Lorraine, Kan., or go to www.molysilencerchutes.com for more information.