Tools for Success
American Angus Association staff members present producer resources.

Bill Bowman, Association director of performance programs.
Cattlemen gathered to learn about how the American Angus Association provides tools that can help them succeed in their endeavors. Jim Shirley, director of industry and member relations, first gave a history of the Association, then explained that the Association’s goals had changed from simply maintaining the breed registry to finding ways to enhance cattlemen’s Angus genetics. One of those ways is the AngusSource tagging program, he explained, detailing the ways producers can become involved and the benefits that can result from participation.

Sally Northcutt, director of genetic research.
Bill Bowman, Association director of performance programs, and Sally Northcutt, director of genetic research, delved into other ways cattlemen can add value to their livestock. The introduction of $Value indexes, Northcutt explained, was a realization that while cattle are a source of income, they also cause expenses for producers. The Association $Values are a way to factor in both income and expenses into simplified decision-making tools. Bowman and Northcutt described the different $Values, as well as other predictive measures. During a question and answer session, all three suggested producers use Association tools to help them find more value for their cattle in an easy, reliable manner.

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