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Joint Committee & Subcommittee Meetings and NCBA Policy Committee & Subcommittee Meetings
8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Friday, January 30

You are strongly encouraged to participate in the decision-making that shapes the issues affecting your operation. Meetings will be held Friday; specific scheduling will be listed in the Final Program.

NCBA Agriculture Policy Committee
The Committee will discuss the implementation of programs in the 2002 Farm Bill. Discussion will include Farm Programs, the Conservation Reserve Program, and others.

NCBA Industry & Producer Services Group

NCBA US/Canada Issues Working Group

Joint Food and Nutrition Issues Subcommittee
This subcommitee will discuss food and nutrition issues and policy developments and access implifications of the 2004 Beef Industry Scan and prioritize for 2005.

NCBA Beef Production Research Committee
Learn about beef production issues and research that can affect your bottom line. See what the top research priorities are and how they can be used to drive research agendas within the government and other organizations.

NCBA Federal Lands Committee
The Committee will discuss the critical issues and solutions to Federal Lands problems facing our members.

NCBA Live Cattle Marketing Committee
The Committee will discuss topics including live cattle marketing, reauthorization of the Mandatory Price Reporting law, implementation of country of origin labeling, and the outlook for cattle markets.

NCBA Membership Committee
NCBA works diligently on legislative issues, regulatory concerns, issues management and food safety. Develop strategies for enhancing revenue, give direction on existing services and provide input on future programs.

NCBA Tax and Credit Committee
The Committee will review a number of key policies that will set the pace for NCBA’s involvement in tax related issues currently working in the 108th Congress.

Joint Advertising Committee
As the new checkoff advertising campaign has been very successful at reinforcing consumers’ positive attitudes about beef, we will discuss the plans approved at the summer meeting to stay the course in 2004.

Joint Foodservice Committee
Beef is the leading protein on foodservice menus, and checkoff-funded programs are helping to keep it that way. Learn how marketing initiatives are working to protect and grow beef’s volume in this $411-billion channel.

Joint Information Committee
The subCommittees of Issues Management, Public Relations and Youth Education and Information, will report on issues such as BSE and activist attacks, to beef nutrition message outreach to key audiences such as girls age 8 to 12.

Joint International Markets Committee
With the World Trade Organization’s Ministerial Meeting in September now behind us, hear about the prospects for a global trade agreement in agriculture and what it means to all producers as negotiations near conclusion.

Joint New Product & Culinary Initiatives Committee
This Committee sets strategies for the checkoff-funded new product (R&D Ranch®), and Culinary Center programs and recommends funding for the Brand Like Initiative. Hear the latest on exciting new beef concepts.

Joint Nutrition & Health Committee
Participate in discussions about protecting beef’s place on America’s plate through the ongoing Perfect Nutrition Storm.

Joint Veal Committee
Learn how veal industry leaders develop, execute and evaluate checkoff-funded veal programs directed toward building veal demand by 3% in 3 years.