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Note: All sessions are at the Gaylord Opryland® Resort & Convention Center.

The 14th edition of Cattlemen’s College® is designed to help producers evaluate their operations and identify ways to be more efficient while producing beef for today’s consumer. Subject matter is present within three tracks: marketing (MA), production (PR) and resource management (RM) Information and strategies gleaned from the college will help producers Git ’er done! at home. As part of the Cattlemen’s College registration, participants will be treated to a luncheon featuring entertainment by Red Steagall from 11:30 a.m. to 1:15 p.m. Registrants also will receive a ticket to the Cattle-Fax Outlook Session scheduled for Thursday morning.

Wednesday, January 30

MORNING SESSIONS ROUND 1 — 7:30 a.m. – 9:15 a.m.

MA 101: Navigating the Changing Business Environment

Learn from Cattle-Fax experts Randy Blach and Mike Murphy how to manage in the changing cattle cycle and the 11 habits of high-return producers. Also learn what will be required to capture top dollar for your calves.

PR 101: Low-Stress Handling — The Weaning/Receiving Solution

Dawn Hnatow, Texas, will explain a proven, simple, low-cost technique that reduces illness and time of weaning or receiving freshly weaned calves that was pioneered by stockman Bud Williams. Having spent nearly 15 years with Williams, Dawn is an accomplished hand on the ranch and in the feedyard.

PR 102: Herd Health Programs and the Cost of Mistakes

Dee Griffin of the Great Plains Veterinary Educational Center, Clay Center, Neb., and Dale Grotelueschen of Pfizer Animal Health will focus on a systems approach to herd health focused on early identification of sick animals, use of antibiotics and immunity.

PR 103: Implications of Using Proven Genetics in an AI Program

Hear interesting findings from a recent artificial insemination (AI) research project using high-accuracy sires to increase the profitability and marketability of calf crops, as well as the cumulative benefits of using AI long-term on female productivity and marketability. Presenters will be Daniel Schafer, MFA and Mike Kasten, Missouri.

PR 104: Hey, Doc, What are BLV and Johne’s?

This session will provide an update on Johne’s disease and bovine leukosis virus (BLV), as well as other important bovine diseases and recent findings of leading veterinarians from Jim Floyd, North Carolina State University; Dan Givens, Auburn University; and John Maas, University of California–Davis.

RM 101: Estate Preservation, Tax Planning and Asset Protection

Agriculture lawyer Will Howard, Arizona, will explain techniques for passing a farming operation to the next generation in a seamless manner.

MORNING SESSIONS ROUND 2 — 9:30 a.m. – 11:15 a.m.

MA 102: Beef Products 2010 — Meeting Consumer Needs

Meeting consumer needs in the next decade will be the focus of a panel discussion surrounding the issues of marbling, uniformity and carcass quality.

MA 103: Alliances — How to Fit Your Operation

Hear a panel of industry experts and cattlemen, moderated by Bill Mies of eMerge Interactive, discuss their experiences with marketing programs. Topics will range from natural beef to Quality Systems Assessment (QSA) and Process Verified Program (PVP) efforts related to branded beef programs.

PR 105: Preconditioning for Today’s Marketplace

Learn about the latest preconditioning programs and what may fit your operation from industry experts.

RM 102: Conservation Programs — Working for You!

This session will feature the latest about programs available through the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and how they can apply to your operation.

RM 103: Be the Kind of Employer You Would Want to Work For!

Employee turnover can be a high cost of doing business. Learn more about selecting and retaining workers from national expert Sarah Fogleman, Kansas State University.

 RM 104: Fescue Management & Cattle Adaptation

Understand more about fescue management, avoiding reproductive wrecks caused by reduced fertility and adaptation.

AFTERNOON SESSION ROUND 3 — 1:30 p.m. – 3:15 p.m.

MA 201: Sale Barn Selling — Taking a Proactive Approach

Auction market operators will discuss how to get more money for your cattle from various market and management strategies that can add value at sale time.

PR 201: Drought Arithmetic for Cowboys

Widespread drought conditions have affected much of the U.S. Find out how to develop strategies to make sure your operation has long-term sustainability and survivability through these times of drought.

PR 202: Management Strategies and the Bottom Line

What are the factors that most affect the economic performance of your operation? Learn how to identify and evaluate management strategies and their effect on your production system.

PR 203: Your Veterinarian — A Valuable Asset

Hear from leading veterinarians how to develop an annual management plan with your local practitioner that incorporates herd health to breeding decisions.

RM 201: Ag Policy and The Farm Bill — What it Means to You

Kansas State University’s Barry Flinchbaugh will provide insights into the upcoming Farm Bill and the policy process.

RM 202: Conservation Easements

Learn from Cattlemen Advocating Through Litigation (CATL). Fund members and discuss more about conservation easements and other programs that can affect your property rights.

Thursday, February 1 — 7:30 a.m. – 9:15 a.m.

Cattle-Fax Outlook Seminar

Registrants of Cattlemen’s College will receive a complimentary ticket to the Cattle-Fax Outlook Seminar sponsored by Purina Mills, LLC and Pfizer Animal Health. The outlook session will feature highlights of 2006, during which drought, beef trade, ethanol production and volatile markets made the headlines. Speakers will discuss what’s in store for the industry in 2007, including the changing cattle cycle, industry trends, beef demand, export markets, global marketing, and the changing structure of the industry.

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