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ANCW Meeting and Activities
      Beef Ambassador winners (82KB pdf file)

General Convention Coverage

Click here to access news releases distributed by the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association about the conference.

Click here to access news releases distributed by the Cattlemen’s Beef Promotion and Research Board about the conference.

      Convention Kicks Off (113KB pdf file)
      Livestock Marketing Council Meets (110KB pdf file)
      Age and Source – Verification Research Unveiled (113KB pdf file)
      NCBA Members Approve Policies, Elect Officers (122KB pdf file)
      Researchers, cattlemen discuss ways to make beef even more
            healthful. (121KB pdf file)
      Keynote speaker encouraged cattlemen to add fun, customer service,
            uniqueness to business model. (154KB pdf file)

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Permission has been granted by the presenters to post the following PowerPoints and proceedings to this site. The presenters retain the copyright for their respective presentation(s). They may not be reproduced in whole or in part without the express permission of the presenter.

MA101: Navigating the Changing Business Environment

      Tips for navigating the beef industry in the years ahead.   (111KB pdf file)

MA102: Beef Products 2010: Meeting Consumer Needs — Ray Bozzacco, meat manager, Meijer's Supermarkets of Grand Rapids, Mich.; Paul Heinrich, SYSCO Corp.; and Daryl Tatum, Colorado State University meat scientist  

      Meeting Consumer Needs  (84KB pdf file)

      Daryl Tatum (6.4MB mp3 file)
      Ray Bozzacco, Meijer's Supermarkets (7.2MB mp3 file)
      Paul Heinrich, Sysco Corp (7.2MB mp3 file)

MA103: Alliances, How to Fit Your Operation — Ken Conway, GeneNet LLC; Patsy Houghton, Heartland Cattle Co.; Bill Mies, Elanco Animal Health; John Paterson, Montana State University; and Tom Woodward, Broventure Co.

      Marketing in the Future  (116KB pdf file)

      Speaker Biographies  (116KB pdf file)
      How Will Marketing Be Changed in the Future  (116KB pdf file)

      Bill Mies (3.1MB mp3 file)
      Panel: part 1 (4.9MB mp3 file) part 2 (9.3MB mp3 file)

MA201: Sale Barn Selling: Taking a Proactive Approach — Tod Fleming, Equity Cooperative Sales Association; Jennifer Houston, East Tennessee Livestock Center, Sweetwater, Tenn.; and Mark Harmon, Joplin Regional Stockyards, Joplin, Mo.

      Sale Barn Savvy  (115KB pdf file)

      PowerPoint Presentation
      PowerPoint by Tod Fleming (723KB PowerPoint file)    (349KB pdf file)

      Tod Fleming (2.9MB mp3 file)
      Jennifer Houston (2.1MB mp3 file)
      Mark Harmon (2.5MB mp3 file)
      Panel Discussion (6.5MB mp3 file)

PR101: Low-Stress Handling, The Weaning/Receiving Solution — Dawn Hnatow, Bowie, Texas

      The Weaning/Receiving Solution (139KB pdf file)

      Dawn Hnatow: part 1 (12.2MB mp3 file)    part 2 (6.3MB mp3 file)

PR102: Herd Health Programs and the Cost of Mistakes — Dee Griffin, Great Plains Veterinary Education Center; and Dale Grotelueschen, Pfizer Animal Health

      Avoid Health Risks and Their Costs (139KB pdf file)

      Antibiotic Metaphylaxis to Control Respiratory Disease (139KB pdf file)
      Economic Impact Associated with Respiratory Disease
           in Beef Cattle (25KB pdf file)
      Mistakes Cattle Feeders Should Try to Avoid (33KB pdf file)
      Antimicrobial Groups Approved for Cattle (423KB pdf file)
      Handling Health Risks, Preventing Mistakes (39KB pdf file)

      PowerPoint Presentations
      Dale Grotelueschen (3.8 MB PowerPoint file)    (596KB pdf file)

      Dee Griffin: part 1 (4.4MB mp3 file)    part 2 (6.1MB mp3 file)
      Dale Grotelueschen (6.9MB mp3 file)

PR103: Implications of Using Proven Genetics in an AI Program — Mike Kasten, Mike Kasten Beef Alliance; and Daniel Schafer, MFA

      Boosting Genetics with AI (160KB pdf file)

      From Conception to Carcass (168KB pdf file)
      PowerPoint Presentations
      Mike Kasten (106KB PowerPoint file)    (67KB pdf file)
      Daniel Schafer (67KB pdf file)

      Daniel Schafer (6.7MB mp3 file)
      Mike Kasten (8.4MB mp3 file)
PR104: Hey, Doc. What are BLV and Johne’s? — James Floyd, North Carolina State University; Dan Givens, Auburn University; and John Maas, University of California-Davis

      Priority List for BVDV Biosecurity (17KB pdf file)
      Preventing Anaplasmosis (21KB pdf file)
      Pinkeye Prevention and Treatment (19KB pdf file)
      Trichomonosis Review (23KB pdf file)
      Selenium Deficiency in Beef Cattle (19KB pdf file)
      Antibiotic Choices for Beef Cattle (18KB pdf file)
      Footrot Diagnosis and Treatment (168KB pdf file)
      Bull-Buying Health Issues (168KB pdf file)
      Dealing with fescue toxicosis, foot rot and pinkeye by Jim Floyd,
           North Carolina State University (168KB pdf file)
      PowerPoint Presentations
      PowerPoint by Dan Givens (5.7 MB PowerPoint file)    (757KB pdf file)
      PowerPoint by John Maas (987KB PowerPoint file)    (381KB pdf file)
      Fescue PowerPoint by
           Jim Floyd (5.7MB PowerPoint file)    (477KB pdf file)
      Foot Rot PowerPoint by
           Jim Floyd (5.2MB PowerPoint file)    (297KB pdf file)
      Pinkeye PowerPoint by
           Jim Floyd (5.8MB PowerPoint file)    (539KB pdf file)

PR105: Preconditioning for Today’s Marketplace — Robin Falkner, Pfizer Animal Health; and David Lalman, Oklahoma State University

      Effects of Preconditioning on Health, Performance and Prices of
           Weaned Calves  (810KB pdf file)

      David Lalman (7MB mp3 file)
      Robin Falkner (8.8MB mp3 file)

      PowerPoint Presentations
      Robin Falkner (12.4MB PowerPoint file)    (810KB pdf file)

PR201: Drought Arithmetic for Cowboys — Ron Gill, Texas A&M University; Jane Parish, Mississippi State University; and Ivan Rush, University of Nebraska

      Drought Strategies  (162KB pdf file)

      Body Condition, Nutrition and Reproduction of
            Beef Cows  (954KB pdf file)
      Drought Arithmetic for Cowboys  (225KB pdf file)

      Jane Parish and Ron Gill (5.9MB mp3 file)
PR202: Management Strategies and the Bottom Line — Barry Dunn, Texas A&M University-Kingsville; John Lawrence, Iowa State University; and Daryl Strohbehn, Iowa State University

      Aligning the Vision  (162KB pdf file)

      Management Strategies and the Bottom Line  (23KB pdf file)
      The Beef Enterprise: Aligning the Vision  (41KB pdf file)

      PowerPoint Presentation
      Daryl Strohbehn (1.7MB PowerPoint file

      John Lawrence (9.3MB mp3 file)
      Daryl Strohbehn (1.2MB mp3 file)

PR203: Your Veterinarian, A Valuable Asset — Arn Anderson, Cross Timbers Vet Hospital; and Glenn Rogers, Pfizer Animal Health

      When to Call the Vet  (119KB pdf file)

      Call the Vet! (386KB pdf file)
      Practicing Prevention for Profit (419KB pdf file)
      Herd Health Planning: A Nine-Step Process (57KB pdf file)

      Arn Anderson audio 1 (3.9MB mp3 file)
      Glenn Rogers audio 2 (12.2MB mp3 file)
      Arn Anderson audio 3 (4.8MB mp3 file)

RM101: Estate Preservation, Tax Planning and Asset Protection — William Howard, Hahn Howard & Sheedy LLP

      Estate Preservation, Tax Planning and Asset Protection for Cattlemen
           and Ranchers (84KB pdf file)

RM102: Conservation Programs: Working For You — Dave Petty, Iowa producer and member of NCBA's Environmental Stewardship Committee; Harry Slawter, Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) director of financial assistance; Jeff Repp, Oregon-based NRCS range management specialist; Arnold Norman, NRCS specialist; and Gale Dunn, Agricutural Research Service (ARS) soil scientist

      Conservation Programs  (117KB pdf file)
RM103: Be the Kind of Employer You Would Want to Work For — Sarah Fogleman, Kansas State University

      Sharpen Your Employer Skills  (114KB pdf file)

      Proceedings/PowerPoint Presentation
      Six Ways to Be the Kind of Employer You Would Want
           to Work For  (136KB pdf file)

      Sarah Fogleman: part 1 (11.3MB mp3 file) part 2 (9.1MB mp3 file)
RM104: Fescue Management & Cattle Adaptation — Don Ball, Auburn University; John Hall, Virginia Tech; and Neal Schrick, University of Tennessee

      Forage Management and Grazing Strategies to Minimize
            Fescue Toxicosis by Don Ball   (24.2KB pdf file)
      Cattle Management and Supplementation Strategies to Improve
            Reproduction of Cattle on Fescue by John Hall  (52KB pdf file)
      Why Can’t My Beef Cows Get Pregnant When Grazing Endophyte-
            Infected Tall Fescue Pastures? by Neal Schrick  (177KB pdf file)

      PowerPoint Presentations
      John Hall (1.7MB PowerPoint file)    (1.3MB pdf file)
      Neal Schrick (1.3MB pdf file)
RM201: Ag Policy and the Farm Bill, What it Means to You — Barry Flinchbaugh, Kansas State University

      Ag Policy Overview  (277KB pdf file)

      Barry Flinchbaugh: part 1 (11.2MB mp3 file) part 2 (7.1MB mp3 file)
RM202: Conservation Easements — Lynne Sherrod, Land Trust Alliance; Joe Guild, Nevada Rancher and Lawyer; Bill Thomas, Best, Best & Krieger Law Firm; and Lawrence Kueter, Isaacson, Rosenbaum, Woods & Levy PC

Endangered Species Act, Mitigation Banks and Associated Conservation
           Easements  (1.6MB pdf file)
      Conservation Easements   (44KB pdf file)

      Guild and Sherrad part 2 (4.3MB mp3 file)
      Bill Thomas (5.5MB mp3 file)

Cattle-Fax Seminar 

      Cattle-Fax Weather Outlook for 2007 by Art Douglas, Creighton,                       University (113KB file)
      Cattle-Fax Price outlook for 2007 by Kevin Good and
           Randy Blach (116KB file)
      Global Market and Trade Outlook by Brett Stuart (144KB file)
      Forecasting the Numbers by Kevin Good (174KB file)
      Corn, Ethanol Situation by Mike Murphy (178KB file)

General Sessions

     State of the Industry (142KB file)
     U.S. Ag Secretary Mike Johanns addresses cattlemen (148KB)

Issues Forums
Bio-Energy's Impact on the Beef Industry

     Issues Forum Tackles Ethanol (119KB file)

National Animal Identification System

     NAIS Update (116KB file)

      Lynne Heinze (2.9MB mp3 file)
      Bruce Knight (4.7MB mp3 file)
      Charles Miller (3.6MB mp3 file)

Natural and Organic Beef What's Happening in the Marketplace and What it Means to the Beef Industry

      Going Natural (111KB pdf file)

     (9.9MB mp3 file)

Recommendations of the Industry-Wide Beef Checkoff Task Force
     Producers discuss recommendations of industry-wide Beef Checkoff                  Task Force (113KB pdf file)

Foot-and-Mouth Disease — Are We Ready?

      FMD Preparedness (124KB pdf file)

      (9.4MB mp3 file)


     Live Cattle Marketing Committee (110KB pdf file)
     Ag Policy Committee (116KB pdf file)

Trade Show

For product highlights, visit the Trade Show page.

Award Winners
For highlights of awards presented at the 2007 convention, visit the Award Winner page.

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